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Having Behavior Issues with your Dog? Or, Maybe you are interested in teaching your dog to walk off-leash? Whatever your reasons, training your dog is an excellent idea and an investment that is sure to bring you many years of happy returns! Five Star Dog Resort offers MANY different training ​opportunities.

Have you ever wondered what a Professional Dog Trainer knows about how to train a puppy or how to train a dog? Years of experience in training have taught us that there is more than one way to train dogs, and most importantly, their owners. Five Star Dog Training focuses on ‘owner training‘ to ensure that you become your dog’s best friend and their ‘first relationship’. This creates a healthy, well balanced relationship between you and your dog, and helps you reach your full potential.


We offer three (3) types of dog training packages…

In-board On Leash Training

This program includes the option for a 2- or 3-week program depending on your dog’s training needs starting at $975 per week, with a minimum of two (2) weeks. This program includes personalized training. We cover basic commands such as heel, stop, sit, stay, come, down, and wait at the door.

In-board Off Leash Training*

This program offers the same options as the on-leash training but with no leash covering the basic commands such as heel, stop, sit, stay, come and down and wait at the door. This training package price starts at $995 per week, with a minimum of two (2) weeks.

*With in-board off leash training, you must complete In-board on leash training first.

Private Training Class, One-hour on site

Our trainer will spend an hour in an in-depth, 1-on-1 session with you and your dog. Our trainer can work with dogs at any level and or focus on a specific area they need improvement. These sessions are priced starting at $150 per class.

Behavior Assessment/Evaluations

Prior to entering any of our training programs, our dog trainer will conduct a behavior evaluation with your dog and discuss the best training program. Our trainer will determine if he can begin working immediately or if your dog needs special work. There is a $75 fee payable at the time of the evaluation which can be used toward the cost of the training.

Five Star Training Successes

  • 1 StarFinding the right dog for you
  • 2 StarOwner education
  • 3 Star8-10 weeks old puppy training
  • 4 StarDog obedience
  • 5 StarHappy relationship with your dog


What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Kelly Cook

    Our fur babies are ALWAYS excited when we pull up to Five Star!! They run straight to the door. We've been coming here for 8 yrs and it's the first place we've found that we are as comfortable as the dogs are. People are very attentive and caring to our pups. They handle any special, meds, etc with great care as well. Highly recommend!

    Kelly Cook
  • Kim Brown

    I feel confident and comfort leaving my dogs. Today when I dropped them off, they were so excited to get back to the kennel area. They ran right to the door and didn’t give me a second thought. The staff does a great job with the dogs.

    Kim Brown