Grooming Services

A groomer's reputation is best represented by word-of-mouth. Five Star testimonials will give you insight to how truly talented our Master Groomer really is.

Our Five Star Master Groomer has a special way with our furry friends and has had several clients that in the past would have had to be sedated. We also have a following of rescue clients whose owners feel safe only with our Master Groomer’s handling due to their unfortunate past.

Five Star Grooming clients not only leave with show stopping style… they leave with waggin’ tails, relaxed, and have “doo’s” that all their furry neighborhood friends will be envious of. Clients owners appreciate our flexible hours, and the ability to get appointments when they need.

If you are boarding at Five Star your dog can be groomed on their departure day to save you an extra trip. As another convenience you can drop your dog off on the way into work and pick up on the way home knowing that they will be catered to by our boarding staff.

When finished with their pampered pooch experience they can spend the rest of the day in their private suite able to relax.


Grooming is more than just a luxury. It is a matter of good health and hygiene. A clean dog is a happy dog. Due to the abundance of designer-breed and services available (nails, medicated baths, facials etc.), you must have a consultation with the groomer for pricing. Our grooming prices start at $66 for small dogs under 50 lbs. and $90.00 for dogs over 50 lbs.

Grooming services include...

Full or Mini Groom (Bath, Nails, and Ears Included)
Teeth Brushing
… and more!


What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Kelly Cook

    Our fur babies are ALWAYS excited when we pull up to Five Star!! They run straight to the door. We've been coming here for 8 yrs and it's the first place we've found that we are as comfortable as the dogs are. People are very attentive and caring to our pups. They handle any special, meds, etc with great care as well. Highly recommend!

    Kelly Cook
  • Kim Brown

    I feel confident and comfort leaving my dogs. Today when I dropped them off, they were so excited to get back to the kennel area. They ran right to the door and didn’t give me a second thought. The staff does a great job with the dogs.

    Kim Brown